5 Facts About Wabamun Lake, Alberta

Did you know these facts about Wabamun Lake?

wabamun lake contour map

  • Wabamun Lake is located 45 minutes West of Edmonton, Alberta, making it the perfect spot for summer beach vacationing or boating.
  • Wabamun Lake is one of the most heavily used lakes in Alberta. It is 19.2 km long and 6.6 km narrow, covering 82 km2 and is 11 meters deep at its deepest, with somewhat clear water.
  • Wabamun Lake has a reputation for the best whitefish lake in the Edmonton area and is well known for its large northern pike. A large variety of migrating, breeding and moulting wildfowl visit the lake. Beaver and muskrat use the lake while the surrounding upland supports coyotes, porcupine, moose and white-tailed deer.
  • Wabamun Lake derives its name from the Cree word for looking glass.
  • Wabamun has all essential services including banks, a grocery store, Home Hardware, vehicle repair services, drugstore, bottle depot, carwash, and a laundromat.

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